Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash for Men And Women – An Ancient product with Modern Benefits

best chyawanprash for men and women

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash for Men And Women – An Ancient product with Modern Benefits You may have adopted so many brands of Chyawanprash and of course, you might be well aware of the benefits of it. Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is an ancient product made with the formulation of 14 different herbs that help in healing cold, flu and various other health conditions. It is one of the best dietary syrup that is chosen by our ancestors for a healthy and prosperous life. In Sanskrit, the word “Prash” stands for a specially prepared food and the word “Chyawan” is the name of the sage for whom this ayurvedic nutritive formula was made. There’s a story behind this incredible ayurvedic invention. There was an Old man named Chyawan, he found the love of his life in his nineties but unfortunately, Chyawan was too old to start his family so he consulted some Ayurvedic experts so that they could help him bring back the longevity and youthfulness in him. The experts prepared a jam with various ayurvedic herbs to bring back the youthfulness for Chyawan. Hence, this supplement is called as the Chyawanprash.  It is the only ayurvedic formula that’s working since ages for everyone. Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash for Men can be taken by anyone belonging to any age group. Apart from these, there are various exciting benefits of Amrut Jeevan Chywanprash.


The main ingredient in this product is Amla( An Indian Gooseberry) which acts as a natural anti-oxidant. It is empowered with some of the best herbs that are helpful in improving the immunity system and the strength. Amla helps in removing toxins from our body. It balances the stomach acids and urinary system. But do you know Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is also used for increasing the sexual power? Yes, It can certainly boost your performance in bed. But it is not directly meant to increase the sexual power. Chyawanprash is used for the purpose of the rejuvenation. According to the Ayurvedic concept having a perfectly healthy body helps in increasing the sex power naturally. Chyawanprash consists of certain herbs that help in the nourishment of the body tissues that indirectly help in increasing the sexual power. Apart from all these, It can also be considered as the beauty regime.

Best Chyawanprash For Men And Women With The Goodness Of 27 Herbs!!

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash consists of the goodness of 27 Ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, and minerals. It contains 27 natural ingredients that serve to be beneficial to a human being in a natural and ayurvedic medicinal form. It’s a jelly-like substance which is light enough to be consumed everyday before leaving for work or after a nice workout. There are many methods to make Chyawanprash but Amrut Jeevan follows the ancient and the most natural recipe. Hence, Amrut Jeevan is considered as the best Chyawanprash for men and women. The main ingredients of Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash are as follows-

  • Amla
  • Brahmi
  • Dashmool
  • Harda
  • Vanshlochan
  • LohaBhasma

These ingredients benefit a human body in the following ways-

Purifies the blood:

Due to the kind of environment we are living in today, we are prone to many diseases. The quality of food we get around is not healthy enough. Our food contains pollutants and toxins which we tend to consume. Chyawanprash consumption keeps the blood pure and kills the harmful toxins present in our body. Its fights those toxins and converts them into urea.

A perfect substitute for multivitamin capsules:

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash contains nutrients and herbs that provide our body essential Vitamins and minerals. As this Chyawanprash is loaded with vitamins and minerals, it’s the best substitute for multivitamin capsules.

Increases brain power:

This Chyawanprash which is loaded with vitamins and minerals behaves like an elixir for the human body and mind. It keeps the brain relaxed. It acts as a cleansing agent which keeps the cerebellum clear.

Boosts Metabolism:

Chyawanprash helps the body in boosting metabolism. It regulates the blood flow. It also regulates energy and helps in the breakdown of the carbohydrates.

 Boosts reproduction system:

Best Chyawanprash helps in preventing the loss of important electrolytes that are essential for reproduction. It keeps the body and its various organs fit and active.

Immunity Booster

Want To Fight Against Those Chronic Infections? Try Our Ayurvedic Chyawanprash For Women

It has been often said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  This is true because Apple is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help in building our immune system strong to fight against various illnesses. We have got for you a healthy diet supplement which consists of various nutrients and vitamins that will surely help in boosting your immunity power, Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash for women. It is an ancient tonic which is ayurvedic and a natural healer to keep people away from various infections.

Best Chyawanprash For Women

We are continuously exposed to micro-organisms that are inhaled or swallowed or that easily affects our skin. Our body’s defense mechanism helps us to fight against such bacterias and viruses. We need to check our diet consumption and the day to day lifestyle changes. All it takes is certain herbs, supplements, and essential oils to improve the immune system of our body. When our immune system is working properly we stay in the best of our health but when we have low immunity, we tend to get affected by various infections. Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is an ancient formulated tonic which contains amla. It is the main ingredient that balances the stomach acid and works as an energy booster for body and mental function. It contains Vitamin C which has anti-oxidant properties that helps in eliminating toxins which makes the skin look young and delays aging that includes wrinkles, fine lines and more. Rather than spending a lot on face creams and cosmetic based products why not spend it on an ayurvedic supplement that works effectively without any side-effects.

Your body is constantly subjected to a variety of different types of bacteria that can affect you negatively that results in you getting sick. Chyawanprash is mostly given to kids to fight the common ailments like flu and cold. It can be taken by literally any age group.  It has the anti-inflammatory properties to help the body fight against the chronic infections.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash : A magical supplement for all the women out there !!

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash is a healthy supplement and is completely ayurvedic. It has been successfully serving many families by treating their health-issues for quite a long time now. As said it can be consumed by literally every age group. But apart from that females can gain a lot of advantages from it. Amruta Jeevan Chyawanprash is the product made from 40 natural herbs which help boost the immune system without any reactions.

Women tend to have a low immune system than compared to the men. Amruta Jeevan Chyawanprash.  contains Vitamin C more than the oranges that help to improve their immunity gradually. It contains amla and ghee which nourishes the skin and lets you look young and reduces the aging symptoms like wrinkles, eye bags, freckles and more. It heals the external and inner beauty of women.women tend to suffer more than men due to indigestion issues. They could Consume 2 teaspoons of Amruta Jeevan Chyawanprash regularly, It has got PH balance that helps in better absorption of nutrients and will heal all your digestive issues. Most women tend to suffer from Menstrual problems like cramps during their periods.  This supplement will let the blood flow properly and prevent the infection in the uterus.

Chyawanprash For Women

Amrut Jeevan boosts the metabolism and helps in losing the weight. So you don’t have to deal with problems related to obesity. Some people lose the sexual desire in menopause, Chyawanprash boosts the sexual functions and helps them to perform better during intercourse.It is one of the safest remedies that pregnant ladies can consume daily.

It is one of the best anti-smoking product for people suffering from Asthma, bronchitis caused by smoking.  Add this supplement to your daily routine for your better memory as it contains almonds that help in the flow of oxygen to the brain. Chyawanprash mainly refers to a blood purifier because of the natural ingredients like Brahmi, Dashmool, Harda and more which helps in detoxification of your blood and makes your skin glow which prevents acne and pimples. So it is highly suggested for women to rely on an Ayurvedic product which will treat skin issues internally. The risk of cardiovascular is likely to affect males more than females. However, to have a healthy heart, women can choose to have an ayurvedic supplement that is Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash on a regular basis.

Amrut Jeevan Chyawanprash has wonderfully brought an impact to many people in states like Bangalore (Karnataka), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Maharashtra, Delhi with absolutely Free Consultation Service. Order now!!

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